SuperCopier 4

A program that allows users to copy, download and organize file folders in Windows

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    Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2003 / Windows 2000

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    7.6 (500)
SuperCopier 4
SuperCopier 4

As a first choice, the Supercopier program makes a lot of sense because each version seems to improve since the last, and with the newest version, it seems to experience fewer issues. Those that it does experience get fixed. You couldn't ask for a cleaner or more powerful software. Important to keep in mind, you don't want two different programs like this running. For example, you don't want to have Supercopier and Teracopy both installed because it leads to conflict.

Free of Spyware?

With every program you download, you should always question if you have made the right choice because sometimes these programs come loaded with dangerous spyware that can damage your computer. After running the spyware, it didn't have anything on it. One person, however, did complain how this app gave them a startup error for Windows 8.1. She noticed once she removed Supercopier, the error vanished. Could it have been parasitic spyware operating under the guise of this program? We're not sure, but it seemed to be an isolated case.

Windows: Never Known for Its Copying Speed

Windows has never been known as the distinguished competitor for its copying speed or the transfer of files from one location to the next. In fact, that's why programs like Supercopier and Teracopy have arisen, which is, in fact, a good idea. You can transfer vast quantities of folders and files to a more efficient standard than what Windows could keep up with.

How to Run the Program

To run the program, you will have to first click on the icon. Once you have done that, the process is fairly straightforward. In fact, you just copy and paste the folders and files that you want to run. Supercopier embeds itself within Windows Explorer, which is nice because it takes care of the task itself.

Much Faster and Easier

Copying and moving files faster and easier has always been the goal with a program like this. You want to add some of the latest options to improve the experience, and you can now do this. If the need arises, you can pause or resume your task as you need it. You will see the percentage of completion, transfer speed rate and you can create a list of files to move and copy. You can also modify this list as the process unfolds.

Why else might you want to check out this program? You should look at this program because Supercopier won't replace your standard copy and paste feature for the Windows, which is important. If you don't like it, you simply uninstall it. Supercopier includes a big settings menu to tweak the behavior of the programs and customers the details and the interface.


  • It's easier to move files and copy them than ever before.
  • You have no demand for commitment, and you can simply uninstall it if you don't like it.


  • Doesn't quite stack up to the quality of Teracopy.

Supercopier is a free downloadable tool that is designed to replace the default file transfer tool available on the Windows operating system, Windows Explorer. Advanced users of file moving and copying software will tend to appreciate this application the most. SuperCopier is the most useful when you are handling many large files.

SuperCopier makes it easier to monitor, control and customize the process of moving or copying files. It can be customized to hold user-defined information such as the time, the source, the user attempting the transfer and the errors that might have occurred during the process. The time limit for copying and moving files can also be customized as well as the length of time between retries after a failed attempt at copying or moving a file.

Once you have downloaded SuperCopier, you will find it minimized on your system tray. Once you click on it to maximize it, it will stay on top of other programs that are running, including the internet browser you happen to be using. The interface is rather basic and could be called more of a configuration board. You are given the option of moving or copying files to a destination folder. This is done through a process of dragging and dropping. When you drag and drop files from Windows Explorer, it initiates SuperCopier to open and allow the users access to all of its features and begin the moving or copying process.

When glitches or errors occur during the moving or copying process of a file, SuperCopier alerts you to the particulars of the problem. You can then either choose to skip the process for that file and start on another, or save it on the list for an attempt at completing the process later. You can also prompt SuperCopier to skip the process of transferring the troublesome file altogether or send it to the end of the queue. If you need to find the file again to complete the process at a later date, there is a search tool built into the software to help you.

SuperCopier is compatible with Windows 2000, Vista, XP, 7 and 8. So far, new versions have been made available every year since its release. Version 4 is the latest version.


  • SuperCopier gives users more information about and control of the moving and copying process than Windows Explorer.
  • There is a version available that does not need to be downloaded into your computer. It saves space and can possibly speed up the file transferring process.
  • It gives the user more information and possible solutions when there is a glitch or error than Windows Explorer does.
  • Easy to install and user friendly.


  • The transferring of smaller files is not actually faster than Windows Explorer.
  • Even though large numbers of larger files can be managed better, it still isn't faster than Windows Explorer as a whole when tested.
  • Although user friendly, the interface is not of very good quality.

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